Things my granddaughter has taught me.

I love love love being a grandma. I absolutely adore being a mother but there’s something incredibly special about being a grandma. When we are mothers we have so many other things we need to fit in and do every day, so that while we do our best to savour each precious moment with our kids, it’s not always possible.

When I have my grandchildren over, I press pause on everything else for a while and soak up every delicious moment with them. This week I spent a wonderful day with my beautiful granddaughter who is almost 3.

She taught me a few cool things.

1. Kids have mindfulness down pat.

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, without judgement. Spend some time watching a little one, they really do this beautifully and effortlessly.

2. Kids see beauty and joy everywhere.

She notices everything and thinks everything is pretty damn amazing. From flowers to rocks and traffic lights, the world really is a wonderful place through her eyes.

3. Kids hearts are wide open.

She wants to talk to everybody and sees every stranger as a potential new friend. She doesn’t notice age, race, religion or disability.

4. Kids practice non attachment.

If something doesn’t work out quite as she would have expected she doesn’t take it personally and really quickly moves on to the next incredible thing that is out there for her.

5. Kids have incredible intuition and compassion.

I was talking to a friend who was explaining some financial challenges she was facing. I wasn’t aware that she was even listening as she appeared to be busy playing. Next thing I see her grab a phone and “call” her mum. Her call went like this “Hi mummy, I’m just wondering, do you have any money? Ok, thanks, bye.” She then grabbed my friends business card off the table and told her she was putting some money onto it. Bloody amazing!

If only we could always see the world through the eyes and heart of somebody who is almost 3, what a wonderful world it would be.




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